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pawsWelcome to Duds 4 Buds!

Duds 4 Buds creates “Limited Edition,” high quality, designer apparel for your hound. We have a large selection of apparel for Greyhounds, Galgos, Salukis, Whippets and Italian greyhounds. The company began in 1998 making Greyhound coats due to the difficulty in finding apparel to accommodate their big chests, skinny waistlines, and long necks. Our designs were so loved by Whippet and Italian Greyhound owners, that through their encouragement, we blossomed into designing coats for them as well. Never realizing our coats also fit a multitude of other breeds, both large and small including Weimaraners, Labs, Dobermans, Pointers, Boxers, Dachshunds, Beagles, Jack Russells, Standard and Miniature Poodles, just to name a few. Ah yes, and then along came Paco, the one eyed Galgo, in December of 2013. He was rescued from the streets of Spain and flew to the U.S. to find his forever home (he didn’t have to search long)! We loved him at first sight. Since then, we’ve been designing apparel especially for the Galgos, Salukis, and Ibizans to fit their smaller, more petite frames. As you can see on the Galgo pages of our website, Paco is now a Duds 4 Buds Supermodel and VP of our Pipsqueak department.

Our limited edition designs are not mass produced. Each item is individually cut and hand sewn Made-In-The-USA. Everything you see is personally cut & sewn by me (Gina) or a Duds 4 Buds seamstress that has been carefully trained by me. Fabrics come and go and are often discontinued after a season or two. For these reasons, when you see something you like, you may want to purchase it sooner rather than later because the item may not be available the next time you return to our site.

If you have questions about the style and fit of our designs, any of our specialists will be happy to assist you: Wyatt Bear (VP of Big & Tall), Paco (Director of Pipsqueak), Quinnie (Holstein model extraordinaire), Miss Emma (Director of Lounge Wear and our top designer), Wasabe (Assistant Director of Lounge Wear and Miss Emma’s right paw), Macaroni (International Stylist Expert from Canada), and Jax (prince of cuteness overload). You can email them at: duds4buds@gmail.com.

We love seeing photos of your hound in their new Duds. Please feel free to email photos to duds4buds@gmail.com or post to our Facebook page. We are also on Instagram and Etsy. Your hound may become the next Duds 4 Buds super model! You can meet all of our D4B Supermodels (see below).

Happy shopping!


Duds 4 Buds


Meet Our Super Modelspaws

Jetti St PatrickJetti (June 16, 2000 – March 20, 2015). The sweetest fawn gentleman that has ever been. Formerly a professional athlete, he ran 198 races –boy was he ready to retire!  We adopted him from the local college’s vet tech program.  He was the “Pet Professor” and visited grade schools to teach kids about greyhounds. Jetti began his third career by coming to live with us and considered himself chief of home security.  He ran a tight ship and didn’t tolerate too much non-sense…..well, no nonsense actually.  He liked a clean shirt and promptly rose at 6 a.m. Although, Jetti crossed rainbow bridge in 2015, he left is paw print on our hearts and will always be considered “one of greats”.


1Wyatt (Bear) is 13 years old and came to live with us in January 2014. His thick black fur is softer than silk and he has finally earned gentleman status around here…er, uh…most of the time.  When he first arrived, he counter surfed as if he were ordering a sandwich at a deli, and with his ** lb body, he could easily reach anything he wanted – like an entire loaf of bread, avocados, a plate of chicken, the list goes on. But, with time and a little training, he no longer feels the need to make food disappear off of the counters (but don’t temp him too much). He is loving as he can be and we often call him “The Bear” because he is like a big ole cuddly teddy bear.



Paco _ Happy Gotcha Day_December 19

Paco is a 5 year old Galgo (an imposter!) and joined our family in December of 2013.  He was rescued from the streets of Spain and flew to the U.S. to find his forever home. He even has his very own passport.  You may have heard of him or read his story on Facebook about how he lost one of his eyes.  He was known as Popeye back then, but we renamed him Paco, after Saint Francis of Assisi – the Saint of all animals, because it fits him perfectly.  He is the youngest rascal we have ever adopted and is very entertaining.  He says he didn’t know he was applying to live in a greyhound retirement home, so he finds clever ways of making life a lot more interesting!



Miss Ugly Christmas 1Emma is the California girl who loves classic style with an edge. She is our top design expert and can be found hard at work in the board room when she is not in front of the cameras. She loves to coordinate just the right look your hound is searching for, so if you have an idea let her know. Please note: Fridays are Miss Emma’s regular spa days, so she may be unreachable for a couple hours late in the afternoon…a girl’s gotta look her best! All this running up and down the hallways takes it’s toll on the paw paws.





Wasabe is Miss Emma’s right paw (sister). Without Wasabe, Miss Emma could not accomplish all she does in a day. Wasabe is always on time, on task, on target….somebody’s gotta pick up the details! Wasabe is also a California girl with an eye for style. She is always on the hunt for the perfect fabrics that are comfortable as well as eye catching. In her spare time, she has been working on getting the petite shop up and running, “we don’t all have the long legs of a greyhound, you know!” Please feel free to email Wasabe if you have questions about any of our products. She is the powerhouse behind it all.


Macaroni is our International Stylist Expert from Atlantic Canada. He was discovered after submitting a photo of himself in our Teal Blue Stripe Pajamas. We signed him on the spot. He specializes in coordinating the out-doors-man’s wardrobe – the knarly  ‘manly’ fashions. Macaroni loves hiking, sledding, and eating. Staying warm is his main goal….being adorable is just an added benefit. He doesn’t understand why everyone always asks him where he is from….he is not the one with the accent, eh. You can follow Macaroni on Instagram @ macaronitheiggy



Jax is an Italian Greyhound who makes regular guest appearances at Duds 4 Buds. He was discovered through our Etsy store when he submitted a photo modeling our Lumber Jack Jacket. Our fans went crazy over him and so did we! Who wouldn’t? He is known as “the prince of cuteness overload”.




Sunshine is a strikingly beautiful little greyhound girl and is a frequent visitor at Duds 4 Buds. Her happy smile will brighten anyone’s day. What breath taking mascara eyes you have, my dear!

pawsWe have many other characters drop by for guest appearances. You just never know who you are going to see on the cover of Duds 4 Buds!


DSC_0623Gina – owner of Duds 4 Buds.

The beautiful soul of the greyhound is humbling and is the reason I am active in greyhound rescue. All dogs are wonderful, but there is a special place in my heart and home for these gentle giants. In 2005, my husband and I went to the Humane Society to adopt a ‘small dog,’ but returned home with Rudy the greyhound. He was 7 years old and considered a special needs adoption because he was a senior.  There was nothing senior about Rudy! His racing name was Justa Rule and he ruled our family for another 7 years. Since then, we have always adopted the greyhounds (and now a Galgo) who have the most difficulty finding their forever homes, mainly the big senior males or the ones with health issues. As a greyhound parent, I understand the quirkiness and humor of having greyhounds. Things like taking out the seats of the mini-van to accommodate them (even buying a mini van in the first place), or not wanting to disturb them on the sofa and sit on the floor instead, or baking a salmon birthday cake….for the hound, or being known as “the crazy greyhound people” in the neighborhood. I love being able to create limited designer fashions for your fur babies. Thank you for shopping with us at Duds 4 Buds.

pawsDuds 4 Buds has helped support Greyhound Rescue Adoption across the U.S. since 1998 through monetary and product donations. Please help us to continue our efforts by being one of our very valued customers at Duds 4 Buds!


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