Royal Purple After Bath /Cool Coat – WH


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Is it blue or is it purple?  This luscious Royal Purple After Bath / Cool Coat serves two purposes: a cool coat for hot summer days and an after bath robe. Just like the Big Boys and Girls wear!  Made from 100% lush cotton toweling fabric.

Cool Coat: On hot summer days – simply wet this coat down with cool water and wring it out. Put it on your hound to stay cool.

After Bath Robe: In winter, it serves as a bath robe to help retain body heat and absorb water after a bath!  Spare your carpet, sofa, and bedspread – the usual things dogs dry themselves off on!  Perfect for the beach, keeping cool, and definitely for drying off and keeping warm after baths!

Collar: Cowl Neck

Color: Royal Purple

Closure: Velcro

Fabric: 100% Medium Weight Cotton Terry

Easy Care:  Close Velcro and Machine wash/ tumble dry on low.

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